• Adopt a school in Nepal


    In 2014, Waha Capital partnered with Dubai Cares and BuildOn to adopt a primary school in the underprivileged rural village of Sukumbase Tole, located in western Nepal. The company’s donation is helping to construct and equip the elementary school, which will host 120 students, and provide the funds for two years of primary education and literacy classes for adults.  In March 2014, Waha Capital volunteers were sent to engage in community service and help with the construction of the school.  

    Since the build of the new school, student enrollment has increased from the initial enrollment of 120 students. Today, 155 children (75 of which are girls) aged 6-14 receive classes at the school in Sukumbasi Tole, and five teachers teach grade levels 1-5 at the school. Teachers have not only reported increased morale of the students and parents of the community, but they have expressed their satisfaction with a vastly improved working environment.

    Waha Capital is a firm believer in the principle of giving back to disadvantaged communities and contributing to the welfare of societies through supporting education initiatives.

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