“We are committed to creating a culture where UAE nationals can grow into future leaders.”

Waha Capital offers a unique working culture: an exceptional environment where the performance of our human capital can flourish along with opportunities for personal and career growth. We value our role as an employer in the UAE economy and are committed to harnessing and developing specialist UAE National talent. We therefore seek to attract performance-focused professionals, including UAE national talent for whom we will develop fulfilling careers and opportunities at the top of the organisation as well as to contribute to Abu Dhabi’s cadre of future leaders. We have a number of programmes specifically targeted at UAE nationals for this purpose:



 Waha Capital offers UAE Nationals rewarding, long-term careers with structured on-the-job training, planned career progression and an opportunity to become part of a team of world-class professionals.


Waha Capital offers summer internships to UAE university students providing them with knowledge-sharing opportunities and the chance to work alongside expert leaders. They gain hands-on experience and involvement in challenging projects that contribute to the growth of Waha Capital’s business.


Waha Capital offers unpaid work experience in the summer vacation for UAE National students between June and August 2022. Applications are now open for Accountancy, Law and Investment undergraduates.


We support our employees wishing to gain qualification-based education and provide coaching and experience-based development plans for high-calibre graduates who seek an investment career with us.


Waha Capital is always interested to hear from qualified and experienced UAE national professionals who may be able to enhance our organisation.

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