Dunia Finance

Dunia Finance

About Dunia Finance

Dunia Finance is a finance company regulated by the Central Bank of the U.A.E. that offers a range of financial solutions including personal loans, auto loans, credit cards, guarantees and deposits to its customers in the U.A.E. 

  • Established in

  • Customers in UAE

  • Branches in UAE


Dunia Group

Waha Capital owns a 25% stake in Dunia Finance and a 25% stake in Dunia Services (which together comprise “Dunia Group”). 

Dunia Finance has demonstrated impressive growth, stable net interest margins and rising profits over the last few years. Net interest margins have consistently been in the 25-35% range. 

Dunia Services FZ LLC was established in 2012 under the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority. Dunia Services’ principal activity is to offer a range of services including strategy and management consulting and knowledge and business process outsourcing to a range of customers including commercial banks, finance companies and insurance companies. 

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