Waha CEEMEA Credit Fund

The Waha CEEMEA Credit Fund started in 2012. It is the Fund with the longest track record for the Waha Public Markets team. The Fund targets an absolute return throughout market cycles. The fund primarily invests in hard currency fixed income instruments from Emerging Market corporate and sovereign credits in the Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa (CEEMEA) region. With over 55 years of combined investment experience, our team of highly skilled and seasoned professionals actively manage the Fund.

Waha CEEMEA Credit Fund employs a long / short strategy that aims to minimize the risk and volatility but to also take advantage of market price dislocations on the short and / or long side. The strategy combines a top-down global macroeconomic view and bottom-up individual company analysis with a valuation overlay to implement relative value trades that are actively managed on a daily basis. The fund substantially hedges out interest rate risks and FX exposure back to USD to focus on identifying relative value in credit.

The Fund has won a multitude of regional and international awards since inception. Some notable recent accolades include:

  • EMEA - Credit Fund under $1bn and EMEA - Credit Fund - Long Term Performance by Investors Choice Awards 2021
  • Best Fixed Income/Credit/Distressed Hedge Fund by the Hedge Fund Review European Performance Awards 2020
  • Best Emerging Market Debt Fund by HFM European Hedge Fund Performance Awards 2019
  • Multi-Strategy Credit Fund of the Year by Alt Credit European Awards 2019

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*All returns and AUM figures are as of February 28, 2023.

Fund Performance – February 2023

Waha Capital CEEMEA February 2023 performance

  • Inception

    January 2012
  • Net Return since Inception

  • Net Annual CAGR since Inception

  • Net Return in 2021

  • Assets Under Management

    USD 539.5 million

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