Recruitment Fraud Alert

Waha Capital wishes to inform all potential job applicants of the risk of recruitment fraud. 

Waha Capital wishes to inform all potential job applicants of the risk of recruitment fraud. While Waha Capital proactively seeks to stop fraudulent recruitment activity, applicants are advised to ensure the authenticity of any recruitment activity, prior to providing any information to a third party.

What is Recruitment Fraud?

We consider recruitment fraud to be any recruitment activity which is not authorized by Waha Capital. Most fraud relates to fictitious employment opportunities or job offers with the intention of stealing personal information or money. This fraud is usually conducted using fake websites and email addresses by individuals posing as Waha Capital employees, or its agents.

Identifying Recruitment Fraud

Recruitment fraud may take many forms. Below are some tips to help identify fraud:

  • Waha Capital will never ask for money (in any form) from an applicant;
  • Waha Capital does not work with recruitment firms that collect money from applicants;
  • Waha Capital does not make job offers without conducting an in person interview from its offices, currently located in Etihad Towers, Tower 3, 42 & 43 floors;
  • Waha Capital never asks for any bank account details prior to employment; and
  • All authorized email communications will come from a Waha Capital administered account ending in

If you think you have been targeted for, or are a victim of, recruitment fraud, contact law enforcement or consumer groups in your jurisdiction to report and combat fraud and do not engage with the sender of the fraudulent communication.

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